This Crazy Covid 19 Crisis has the whole world in turmoil, we are no exception! This Blog is a Huge Thank You to you all for Bearing with us!

Before the Covid 19 Pandemic we – like so many others in our Industry were looking forward to getting ready for another Party Season.

We were all set and so excited to launch our latest addition to the Electric Zoo Family, Our Electric Knights….

Ride on ” Electric Knight” Robots

We were really lucky we managed get them into the country before the Lockdown. We went on a bit of a crazy road trip to pick them up, all ten of them. Bringing them through Customs was such a laugh. We couldn’t fit the Ten of them in the van in their individual boxes so we packed them standing up covered in plastic. Can you imagine the fright the customs official got when she looked inside the van.

Little did we know then that they would become our Covid 19 fighting machines! We might be delayed with our Launch and it might be a little while before you guys can book them for your Birthday Parties…

But rest assured they are making themselves useful. Because they can be operated with a remote control, we can send them to the doors of Elderly Mammies in need with their shopping and also to the doors of the bored kiddies of Ireland! They will continue the Fight until we can meet you again!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for (Teddy) Bearing With Us

Amanda our Panda sending you all a Virtual Hug!

Keep Safe, Keep Well and Keep your Distance until we can Hug Again!