Some of our Electric Zoo animals…not to mention our Zoo Keepers, get a bit jumpy around Halloween! Our headquarters in Tallaght sounds like a war zone with all the Fireworks going off! And it’s been going on for weeks now!

Do you have Pets that get a bit anxious with all the loud noises?

Here’s 3 very simple and handy tips that might get them through tomorrow night!

  1. Put your Pets bed under a table and cover the entire table with a dark blanket. Basically making a dark, cosy cave with their familiar bed and/or favourite toy will make them feel more safe and secure!
  2. Play some loud Rave music. We kid you not. The repetitive boom, boom, beat can block out the loud bangs from Fireworks. And if you have a sneaky dance…well that’s just an added bonus!
  3. Lastly, don’t be overly fussy with your Pets. If you fuss too much, they will pick up that something out of the ordinary is happening and their anxiety will increase.

Let us know if you have tips of your own to share and don’t forget to have a HAPPY & Safe Halloween!