Since starting our Entertainment business Electric Zoo four years ago, life has been one long Adventure. But still there are certain events that really stand out!

When I got a request a few months ago to take part in the Inis Meain sports day, I knew instinctively that this was an adventure not to be missed!

Months of planning later, we found ourselves hitting the road at 6am with a van containing 3 of our Mechanical Horses, 4 Electric Zoo animals, 2 archery sets, Face paints and enough balloon’s to open a shop! A most ambitious load, considering that the Ferry from Ros a Mhil port to Inis Meain is a passenger ferry only. All cargo must be loaded by hand.

We were met by the lovely Maureen, one of the islanders, who gave us a hand getting our Zoo on board. It was regretfully decided that one Electric Zoo animal would have to stay behind in the van as space on the ferry was a precious commodity. Talk about Sophie’s Choice…!

All aboard the Aran Island Ferry
Batten down the hatches

We need to give a special thanks to the Crew of Aran island Ferries for all their help with getting us loaded and unloaded so seamlessly.

Inis Meain is such a beautiful place. Like stepping back in time, with views of the sea every way you look. The people are so friendly and welcomed us with open arms!

The Fun day was a game of two half’s! The afternoon was all about the kids, Face painting, Balloon’s and lots of turns on the Electric Zoo animals. We made sure every child went home with one of our walking animal balloon’s two!

The evening though was all about the Grown Ups! These islanders sure know how to let their hair down and boy are they competitive…who needs the Galway Races!

We had as much fun as the locals!

We got the early morning Ferry back to the mainland the following day! I’m convinced our animals looked a little melancholy leaving the great friends they made…

And if I’m being completely honest, they weren’t the only one’s sorry to leave…

Our Aran Island Adventure is one we won’t forget in a hurry! Hope to see you all again soon! Special thanks to Maureen and our wonderful B&B hosts!